>The X Factor Judges Houses Preview


I have to say, I found this year’s auditions on The X Factor dragged on a bit.

Perhaps I was distracted trying to work out whether or not I liked the new judging panel?

As it happens I do, a lot. Tulisa took a while to get warmed up but is now well on her way to becoming the nation’s edgy sweetheart, Gary has got housewives fannies beating up and down the country, Louis has carried on being hilarious as ever (I particularly liked it when he cried over that goth) and Kelly, well Kelly has quickly ascended to the position of being the greatest X Factor judge of all time.

I think the real problem was just a case of having seen it all before. Every character, every scenario, every twist had more or less already occurred in the seven years of X Factor that have preceded this one. The only real turn up for the books happened at the very start of show one when Frankie got his bum out.

Last week things changed though. Boot camp for me was itv really setting out their stall of what we can expect this year. We had the faux reality show style footage from the party, a futuristic Minority Report style system for selecting who was in and who was out and so many massively over the top moments that quite brilliantly the whole thing turned into a comedy.It’s left me excited.

Gagging to see more of all the contestants who have made it through to judges houses. I like the fact that I really don’t know who will end up in the live shows let alone who will win the bloody thing!

Can Kitty out do Waisel in the annoying stakes? Will Frankie run out of girls to shag and eventually have to start on the Overs? Can a girl group make it beyond week three before ceremoniously being given the boot?

The answer to all these questions and more will, I’m sure, be revealed over the next few weeks and I can’t wait!

The X Factor: Judges Houses is on itv1 tonight and tomorrow.