>The x Factor 2011: The Overs (Over 25s)

Just two days now until the live finals of The X Factor 2011.

Every day this week I’ve been taking a look at the final 16. So far you’ve had the boys, the groups and the girls…

The last installment of X Factor previews comes today with Louis Walsh and The Overs.

It’s the category that brought us Wagner last year so brace yourself:

Johnny Robinson

Hailing from a bedsit, sorry, studio flat in Harrow, 45 year old Johnny Robinson charmed the judges at his first audition before he even sang, telling them he would like to be as big as Lady Gaga. He went on to belt out the Etta James classic ‘At Last’. The reaction from the crowd and the judges brought him to tears and saw him on the way to boot camp.

I’m not a huge fan of his female impersonation style of singing but I find Johnny hugely entertaining and can’t wait to see what Louis has planned for him in the live shows. Although there have been reports in the papers that Johnny has enjoyed a successful career as a drag artiste, I really hope that’s not the direction producers take things on the show.
I appreciate there is potential for Johnny to become the novelty Wagner type character of the series but so far the sense I get is that the public reaction to him is very positive. I can’t wait to see what he comes out with on Saturday night!

Jonjo Kerr

Jonjo Kerr? Surely that name is not real! I’m not sure where to begin with this one…
He is the sort of contestant I can’t stand. One who has got through not on the basis of his singing or pop star potential but because he has mass lowest common denominator appeal. Husband, father and serving soldier – that’s all some people will need to hear before mindlessly picking up the phone to vote for him.
Dull, dull, dull. Jonjo (still sounds silly) has the potential to be this year’s Matt Cardle and we don’t need another one of those now do we?
I’ve not enjoyed any of his performances so far. It all sounds like the lad who is quite good at karaoke at some shitty local boozer. I’m not sure what more to say, I won’t start on the ears because that would be mean.

Sami Brookes

31 year old Sami Brookes landed her place in the final 16 after mental Sinitta bothering Goldie decided the competition was not for her. The bubbly character told us in her audition tapes that she saves the tips she gets as a barmaid to buy a kebab on her way home. Shocker. She says she wants to get men out of the competition and is therefore a girl after my own heart.
When it comes to singing, Sami is what you might call traditional. She can belt them out diva style with a big finish. It is all quite cabaret style but she really does have a nice voice.
One thing I have noticed about Sami is her penchant for some interesting headwear. She turned up at boot camp with a thing on her head which I can only assume she had stolen from a snake charmer.
Not a contender for the final at this stage but there is definitely a place for Sami in the competition. Let’s just hope for her sake we get a divas and a disco week.

Kitty Brucknell

One of the most controversial contestants on The X Factor this year, Kitty has more than a touch of the Waissels about her. This woman is on the edge, desperate for fame and clearly desperate for approval despite all of the defensive I am what I am rubbish that comes out of her mouth.

If I am honest, Kitty scares me a bit. There is something deeply disturbed or disturbing behind her eyes. I don’t really believe anything that comes out of her mouth and I don’t think she even knows who or what the real Kitty is anymore.

Having said all of that I am thrilled she is in the competition and sure she will be thoroughly entertaining. When Kitty sings, she is great! Based on her voice alone she quite rightly deserves a place in the final 16. God only knows what will happen when she takes to the stage in a live studio environment but I think it’s safe to say Dermot and the producers will have their work cut out.

I just hope they are keeping a close eye on this one. Rejection from a competition of this size and all of the scrutiny and notoriety she will come under might just push her to the point of self destruction.

So that’s it. We have looked at all of the final 16, Frankie, Marcus, Craig, and James for The Boys, 2Shoes, The Risk, Nu Vibe and Rhythmix for The Groups, Misha, Janet, Amelia and Sophie for The Girls and Johnny, Sami, Kitty and Jonjo for The Overs.

All that’s left now is the first X Factor live show to see how they all get on. Watch it, Saturday 7:30pm itv1.