Margaret Berger: I Feed You My Love

Margaret Berger returns after far too long an absence with new single I Feed You My Love…

If you are playing catch up here is a quick summary of Margaret Berger’s music career so far: She came second in Norwegian Idol in 2004, released an album that was ok in 2004, released another album that was bloody incredible in 2006 and er… well that is sort of it until now.

Previous examples of her amazing work include Samantha and Will You Remember Me Tomorrow.

Hit producing wizards Karin Park, Robin Lynch and Niklas Olovson are behind I Feed You My Love.

The song has a more rocky sound than the Pretty Scary Silver Fairy era and darker and more dramatic qualities. It is exactly where I would have expected Ms Berger to end up in 2013 and I am more than satisfied with the outcome.

Watch Margaret Berger ‘I Feed You My Love’ video: