Diana Vickers: Cinderella

Diana Vickers is back! Remember her? X Factor. Bare feet. Claw. Remember?

I have always thought she has the makings of a pretty amazing pop star. So much so that I still have dubious quality mp3s of her X Factor performances floating around in my iTunes.

Her post-Factor career started well, with her debut single ‘Once’ going to number one and her album Songs from the Tainted Cherry Tree showing great promise.

Sadly, somewhere along the line, the Vickers campaign lost momentum and until now, it had all gone rather quiet.

‘Cinderella’ is the first single from a forthcoming album called Music To Make Boys Cry and is expected to be released in July. It is a mid-tempo, Radio 2 friendly pop song with hints of early Madonna, early Kylie and current Haim.

I think it is great and hope a very cleverly orchestrated and well financed marketing campaign will be behind it. The long run in time up to its release would suggest some sort of plan is already in play.

Listen to Diana Vickers ‘Cinderella’:

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