Antonia: Marabou

Hot on the heels of Inna and Alexandra Stan, Antonia is the latest Romanian pop star hoping to provide the soundtrack to the summer…

The dreamy looping beats and accordion type sounds of Marabou deliver a holiday sound, similar to that provided by Annie’s Anthonio.

Popjustice put it quite brilliantly when they say: “If you were to draw a line with¬†Solange’s ‘Losing You’ at one end and Alexandra Stan’s ‘Mr Saxobeat’ at the other, ‘Marabou’ would be right in the middle.”

Written and produced by Thomas Troelsen from Private, Marabou stays classy but there is that distinct hint of Saxobeat fun.

Antonia will either disappear without a trace in the UK or come crashing in at the top of the charts post-holiday season in September.

Watch Antonia ‘Marabou’ video: