AlunaGeorge: Attracting Flies

Following their recent top 3 with Disclosure, AlunaGeorge have returned with ‘Attracting Flies’…

The song opens with a high-pitched whistle synth, backed by a plinky guitar, before Aluna launches in with her signature vocals. The song is a mid-tempo affair, and features a poppier, more commercial sound than a lot of their other material. Similarly, the verses are more melodic, especially following ‘White Noise’.

The lyrical content is genius, with Aluna questioning why an ex-lover has shown up, asking: “Why you hear again/hold on a minute let me check this out/your invitation’s a fake/must be from a ticket tout”. Amazing.

The bridge is repetitive, but effective, using a call and response before the song explodes into the chorus. Much like ‘Your Drums, Your Love’, the chorus is the signature feature of the track. Again, the lyrics are clever, with Aluna singing: ‘Little grey fairy tales and little white lies/everything you exhale is attracting flies’, a brilliant metaphor for describing whatever nonsense her ex-lover is spouting. The middle eighth is reminiscent of a lot of 90s garage and R&B – a reference that is justified here.

What stands out is the sparse and expert production, coupled with Aluna’s beautiful and distinctive voice. The song was a highlight for me when I saw them live at London’s XOYO, and it sounds every bit as fresh now as it did then.

Listen to AlunaGeorge ‘Attracting Flies’:

Luckily, ‘Attracting Flies’ is released on 10th March (THIS SUNDAY), whilst the video debuts on Monday. The album, Body Music, is out 1st July 2013.

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